Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wishes on the Wall

Wall Wisher can allow us to post information and websites that we want to share. However, wall wisher limits the number of characters in a sticky. If we need to write a lot of words, we may need to have two separated sticky. It can help us in our discussions by posting stickies on the wall.

source : www.google.com

Twitter : www.twitter.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com
Msn/WindowsLive : www.msn.com
Wallwisher : www.wallwisher.com
Google : www.google.com
Blogger : www.blogger.com
Youtube : www.youtube.com
Wikipedia : www.wikipedia.com
Dictionary.com : www.dictionary.com

My favorite application is Google. It allows us to find information and images quickly. It also allows us to look for directions using the Google Map. Using  Google, I can also look up the latest news quickly.